You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Now that Daddy Buhari is back...

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President Buhari returns to Nigeria after 103 days in London

The President is back in the country and just like Game of Thrones things are about to get very real.

Hello, good people of the world. We are in deep into the other half of the year and it is cold as something else.

All you people shouting summer goals, summer body and summer fashion are not serious. There is no summer here in Nigeria. We only have two seasons, maybe three- dry season, wet season and Harmattan. This summer of a thing is just weather appropriation. Allow the white people to enjoy their own weather and deal with yours.

I cannot remember the last time I saw the sun. The weather is so cold that I am almost seeing White Walkers. If you are not watching "Game of Thrones", you are on your own. The last episode was bad. Khaleesi has lost one of her dragons and is now a white walker or white flyer. Jon Snow almost died after forming Superman yet again.


Arya Stark and Sansa Stark still don't have enough sense to know that Little Finger is about to destroy them.


Anyway, Jon Snow and Khaleesi are definitely going to have sex which makes me feel uneasy. I mean they look great together but they are blood relatives. Anything this series has taught us is that nothing is a taboo.


The first scene shocking in this series was Jamie and Cersei Lannister doing the nasty, nasty in Winterfell. If twins can shag then you can be sure Jon Snow and Dany are going to hit the sack.

After 103 days in London, Daddy Bubu is back. Well, we are happy that our President is back. His arrival could have been better. On TV, his arrival looked like a Wizkid concert with so many people. Una sure say dey no rent dem? It felt like an orchestrated show of power that was unnecessary.


The President blessed us with a speech (or Twitter thread) this morning and all I can say is Nnamdi Kanu, the King of the White Walkers is back and now is the time for you to run. It would be interesting to see how Buhari deals with Nnamdi Kanu. Let's not dwell too much on politics this Monday morning.

It seems Dammy Krane is stuck in a case of not guilty and "come back here." After Dammy Krane's publicist (Davido) announced he was found guilty, and the singer tweeted his freedom, the jet company involved in this whole mess said the case is not over and he is not yet free.

This issue would be confusing to a lot of payola OAPs in Nigeria who crucified Dammy Krane when he was arrested and celebrated his short-lived not guilty verdict. They have been switching sides like a Nigerian politician, now they have to play the waiting game on Dammy Krane's case.

On a final note, if your team got 3 points this weekend, have a blessed Monday. If your team lost, may God be with you.

You know I'm just joking...maybe.

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