Benue Flood: Funmi Iyanda berates Sterling Bank for tasteless social media post on disaster

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Benue flood reportedly displaced a sum of 110,000 persons.

The disaster in Benue is the most recent of a number of flooding incidents that has affected many parts including Lagos.

Television presenter, Funmi Iyanda took a jibe at Sterling Bank for a post requesting Twitter followers to retweet its comment before making a donation to Benue flood victims.

The note which has generated a bunch of negative reactions on social media did not seem to impress the media personality and as well failed in the intended goal.


Sterling Bank's Twitter post reads, "The flood in Benue has affected many. Contribute to them by RTing this because we'll give ₦50 for every RT of this tweet. #IStandWithBenue."


There was no direct reference to the financial institution in her reaction but her words made it apparent who she was addressing.

She wondered if other observers saw a problem with the tweet which was perceived by some as an insensitive comment by the bank.

"Does anyone else find corporates asking for retweets to contribute money to disaster relief distasteful or am l now fully nuts?," Iyanda wrote.

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Other Twitter users supported her train of thought but the responses was generally divided with a few people lauding the bank's effort.

While some liked the show of support by Sterling Bank to the flood victims, their request for retweet before taking an action was considered a letdown.


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