Brenda Fassie: Late South African singer's legacy gets comic book treatment

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The legendary Brenda Fassie

The life and times of Brenda Fassie will get the ink treatment in the world of comic books.

The legendary Brenda Fassie is about to be immortalized in the world of comic books.

The South African singer who died in 2004 will feature in the comic book collection "Femme Magnifique". The collection has featured the likes of iconic black women such as Nina Simone and Michelle Obama.

The comic was written by South African author Lauren Beukes and the artwork by Anja “Nanna” Venter.  Beukes had so many iconic women to choose from but at the end of the day, he settled for Afropop legend Brenda Fassie.

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"Brenda Fassie worked on so many levels, as a provocative pop star, as a lesbian icon, as a black woman who lived through apartheid and sang about the personal and the political" says Beukes.

"Her songs made the personal political, from Black President to Too Late for Mama, she sang about the lived black experience.

“Nanna and I pitched Brenda Fassie because we thought she would be the most fun to do" she further says.


The comic story will be lean and mean- 3 pages long- and will be released on Saturday, September 23, 2017. It would highlight her life and times as well as her legacy.


Brenda Fassie's evergreen record 'Vul’indlela' released in 1997 is very popular in Nigeria. Her death came as a shock to most Nigerians.


Her son is Hip-Hop act Bongani Fassie and he was a part of the award winning group Jozi.

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