Buy Naija: South Korean suit maker proves politicians are not keeping it real

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The South-Korean suit designer who makes suits for Nigerian politicians

Nigerian politicians tell us to buy Naija but they do otherwise.

For years, Nigerian politicians have said that we should support local businesses.

We heard it over and over again, if we buy locally made goods, the economy would improve. This has also been one of the main points of the Buhari administration.

There is a key question that pops up about this informal policy. Do Nigerian politicians support locally made goods and businesses?


A video on Twitter might just have the answer to this. A sports journalist by the name of Oma Akatugba shared a video on Twitter on Wednesday, September 23, 2017.

In the video, Akatugba is in a shop where suits are made in Seoul, South Korea. The video features a South Korean suit maker who claims that a lot of his clients are Nigerian politicians.

"On my last trip to Seoul South Korea. I met this suit maker. He has never been to Nigeria but has most Nigerian leaders as clients"  tweeted Akatugba.


The South Korean tailor goes by the name Komas and he has been making suits since 1986. In the video, he points at the pictures of several Nigerians who he claims are his customers.


In the shop, there is the photograph of the former Head of State,  Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida. The Nigerian flag also has a place in his shop.

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In his show glass, there are plenty complimentary cards which have the coat of arms. This indicates that these cards are from government officials.


Komas makes custom-made suits for these Nigerians. They are part of his clientele. It's not much of a surprise that he has not been to Nigeria before. He reveals that these politicians travel to South Korea to have their suits made.

If some Nigerian politicians still get their suits made overseas then that creates a hole in the Support Nigeria narrative. Wouldn't it be more effective if our leaders lead by example?

Nigerian politicians should support the Naira and not the South Korean Won.

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