#DateNightChallenge: Nigerians express love to their cars with funny viral trend

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A man's bae

Nigerians show how much they love their cars with a new social media trend.

Nigerians are crazy about cars. In the cities of Lagos and Abuja, you can spot luxurious cars cruising on the highways.

One anonymous man took his love for his car to another level by taking a romantic picture with it.

The man photo posted a photo on Sunday, September 24, 2017, shows a man sitting on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge beside his car. The anonymous man was sitting beside a Mercedes Benz AMG GTS.


This is no ordinary car and that is why the man had to bring out a bottle of wine to sip with his bae- the  AMG GTS.

You can't be mad at this level of stunting. A Mercedes Benz is more than a car, it is a power statement. And when you have an AMG GTS, you are just telling everyone that you are loaded.

Unknown to the man he sparked a trend on Twitter called #DateNightChallenge. The photo went viral and many Nigerians started tweeting and posting photos of their #DateNightChallenge.


Trust Nigerians to bring a heavy dose of comedy. While the original photo represented affluence and wealth, Nigerians flipped it to bring humour to their daily struggles.


Some Nigerians posted their #DateNightChallenge with them behind their less flashy cars. There was a photo of a man with his bicycle. And two men sat down beside a wheelbarrow. Talk about pure Nigerian humour.


Some have ditched the car concept to take humorous shots at the tribe they come from as in the tweet below;

It's no surprise that this t rend has taken off in Nigeria. The country is obsessed with cars with special nicknames given to different vehicles.

In Nigeria, it is not surprised to hear cars with the names of bull dog, evil spirit, Honda Holla and others. 

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