Deadly Anger: Man beats pregnant lover to death in Lagos [Graphic Photos]

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The suspected killer, Okiki Arisekola

The Lagos Police have declared a commercial bus driver wanted after he allegedly beat up his pregnant lover to death and escaping into thin air.

The Lagos State Police Command has mounted an intensive manhunt for a commercial bus driver, Okiki Arisekola, for allegedly beating his pregnant lover, Islamat Bolaji, to death during a heated argument at 50, Wright Street Adekunle, Yaba.

Saturday Sun reports that Arisekola was angry that Islamat who had a child for him, was now pregnant for another man and in the process, beat her to death on September 6, 2017, and has not been seen since then as he fled immediately after committing the act.

According to the deceased's grandmother, Arisekola was said to have had a quarrel with Islamat over the custody of their 11-month-old daughter before beating her to death.

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The grieving 64-year-old grandmother, Madam Gbemisola Agbola who said she had lost Bolaji's mother, Aishat, at just exactly the same age, she had warned her granddaughter against her relationship with Arisekola but she would not listen to her.

It was gathered that the suspect had been dating the victim since 2015 and the union produced the baby girl but when he showed no intentions of getting married to her, she had to move on and got herself another man.

The deceased’s father, Isiaka Bolaji, who was inconsolable while narrating the incident, said she was his first daughter and was nursing a little child she already had with her killer.

“He has not been visiting my daughter, but recently, he just started coming and my daughter grew suspicious of his visits.

On a fateful day, when he came, they were together at first, then he left and on his return, they started quarreling.

Nobody paid them attention because that was how they always fought. But, this time, it led to a physical fight and Okiki beat my daughter into a coma.

After some minutes that he had left, my daughter fell and became motionless. We rushed her to the hospital and it was there she died,” the father said, recalling the sad incident.

Pointing to a spot on the floor, Agbola said:

“This is where I stood when I saw my granddaughter faint right before me just as her mother gave up the ghost.

She was just recovering from a fever attack. She had not done any work for close to a week. On that day, she decided to treat herself with some medication. She asked me to hold on to the child, an 11-month-old baby, I took the child and placed her on my lap.

Not long after, Islamat’s sister, Kemi, came in and asked me to give her the baby, I did and Kemi caressed the baby. She stepped out with her only to meet Okiki standing outside.

He demanded to take the girl away and Kemi gave him the baby. But when Islamat saw Okiki with the child, she rushed to take the baby from him.

They dragged the baby between them, while Kemi stood looking at them. Okiki tried to leave with the baby, but Islamat didn’t allow him because she feared that he was going to use the child for rituals.

It was a passerby that called my attention to Okiki merciless beating my granddaughter. I almost had high blood pressure as I rushed out and called my granddaughter.

As I was leading her back into the house, she fell and fainted. The first hospital we took her to didn’t have doctors on call, but before we could get to the health center, she died. It was confirmed by the doctors there,” the grandmother said.

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It was also gathered that after Islamat got pregnant again for another man, Arisekola stepped up his visits and demands to have his daughter back, a request the deceased would not agree to, which led to her untimely death.

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