Emotional Video: Israeli organ transplant survivor trembles as she buries old heart

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Sharon Fidel digging a hole in the ground.

The woman was seen in a clip with trembling hands as she attempted to drop the heart in a hole she dug.

An Israeli organ transplant survivor, Sharon Fidel, was found trembling in an emotional video as she buried her old heart.

It became urgent for her to undergo a surgery after developing issues relating to her heart after conceiving a daughter.


Her condition lasted over ten years after delivering her child until about three months ago when she received a heart from the family of a man who got killed in a road accident.

Fidel, a 46-year-old artist was seen in a clip as she performed burial rites in favour of her old heart. She was seen trembling as she made to place the organ in a hole she dug in the ground.

The woman who spoke in an interview with Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper describe the moment when she buried the heart as one of great fear.

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“Everything is authentic in the film, and I trembled when I put the heart into the ground. I believe that, additionally, the excitement and fear of attempting to really touch the organ and pick it up – all those things caused the trembling. It was very scary.”

She will be eternally grateful to the family of the deceased who donated the heart to her.

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