End Times: Ghanaian singer claims to be Lucifer's representative [Video]

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Cash King says he is Lucifer's representative on earth

A Ghanaian upcoming dancehall artiste has claimed that he is Lucifer's representative on earth who was sent to rule the music world.

An upcoming dancehall artiste in Ghana, Cash King, has sent shock waves down the spines of his countrymen when he announced that he is Lucifer's representative on earth, also revealing his mission in the music industry.

In an exclusive interview with popular entertainment blogger, Arnold Mensah, Cash King who describes himself as an underground dancehall maestro, said that he is the musician Lucifer or Satan as is popularly called in these parts, sent to rule his country's dancehall domain as his representative on earth.

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Cash King who is in his late 20’s, revealed that the tattooed eyeball and two skeletons on his forehead represents a secret occult which he belongs to, adding that he had to bleach his skin because he wanted his fans to easily locate the tattoos on his body.

In the interview, he said:

“I am bleaching my skin because I want people to see the tattoos I have on my body and because I admire Michael Jackson and I want to be like him.

Anyone with this kind of tattoo means that person is not afraid to die. Yes, I am Lucifer's representative on earth and he sent me to rule the music scene in Ghana.

I belong to a powerful cult group. There are big people who you know that belong to our group, some may not have our symbol, this tattooed skeleton, on but they are all members.

However, I cannot mention the name of the cult I belong to as it is against our rules and regulations to speak about our dealings and what we do in private," he said.

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According to Cash King who described himself as the 'youngest and baddest' singer in Ghana, most members of the occultic group identify themselves by the tattoo they carry on their bodies and foreheads.

Cash King added that he does not believe in any religion or deity for his success or survival because he has been given everything he needs by his lord and master, Lucifer.

Watch the interview here:

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