Exporting Crime: SA police arrest Nigerian drug barons who tried to bribe them

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The arrested Nigerian drug barons

The South African Police have arrested three Nigerian drug barons who attempted to bribe a Narcotic team who had gone to arrest them.

Some Nigerian drug barons who tried to bribe South African police officers with cops refuse R100,000 [about N271,719,000], to evade arrest, have been arrested.

The three drug barons were arrested by officers from the eThekwini Inner South Cluster, while 1.5kg of cocaine worth an estimated R350, 000, [N9, 489, 736], was seized from them during a planned operation.

According to Rising Sun Chatsworth, the drug dealers, two men and a woman aged between 40 and 45, were arrested after they were also found in possession of an undisclosed amount of packed cocaine bags and cocaine ‘bulking’ agents on Friday, September 15, 2017.

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The Communications Officer of the eThekwini Inner South Cluster, Priya Nunkumar, said the first suspect was arrested at Pelican Drive in Bayview after he was found in possession of cocaine.

“The suspect led the team to a house in Greenview Road, Silverglen, where two other suspects were arrested after they were also found in possession of cocaine as well.

Upon arresting the suspects, one of the suspects offered the members a bribe in exchange for the three dealers to not be charged.


The members seized the money and charged the suspects for dealing in drugs. One of the suspects will also be charged for bribery,” she said.

All three suspects appeared in the Chatsworth Magistrates’ Court on Monday, September 19, and were remanded in police custody while they will reappear in court on September 21 for a formal bail application.

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eThekwini Inner South Cluster commander, Major-General Nunkumar, who commended the members on their excellent work in apprehending the drug barons, said:

"The planned eThekwini Inner South intelligence-driven operation, together with Provincial Organised Crime, Durban Metro, Umlazi K9 and NIU was successful in apprehending the dealers after several months of ongoing observation, as well as planning numerous operations to target the dealers.

We will be planning and executing operations in full force to target the drug distribution within the community,” Major-General Nunkumar said.

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