Flop Of The Week: Psquare should keep quiet and save the brand

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Peter and Paul Okoye should stop acting like kids and end things amicably.

The Okoye brothers are back again. No, Psquare isn't about to drop a new single or a new album.

Peter and Paul Okoye are in the news because of the latest episode of their sibling rivalry. It is so sad to see a group as legendary as Psquare fighting on social media.

It is sad to see two grown men with kids shading themselves on Instagram like IG models who sell flat tummy tea and swear that they have a business empire when we all know...


Anyway, Peter and Paul Okoye it is time to start acting like men. This is the third time you guys are pulling this 'end of Psquare act'. We are tired of this childish game. If you guys want to split, please do so without the telenovela or Mexican soap opera.

Shading each other on Instagram with cowardly captions is not the best way to end an illustrious career. If the two of you are really intent on doing this, please do it behind closed doors. This drama is no longer entertaining.


Conspiracy theorists believe Psquare uses this 'splitting up' drama as a publicity stunt. I don't know if this is true but if it is, shame on you guys.

We know the game has changed and the new kids have taken over. This does not mean you guys should stoop so low. Get in the studio with these new boys and cook up hits with them. People still love you guys. Stop with the silliness and go to work.


Psquare is one of the greatest groups Nigeria has ever produced but the immature behaviour of Peter and Paul is tarnishing the group's star power.

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