Good For You: Old pervert flogged publicly for raping 6-yr-old girl [Video]

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The old paedophile getting his punishment

An elderly man in his 60s was given the disgrace of life after youths publicly flogged him for raping a minor.

An elderly man who allegedly raped a 6-year-old girl repeatedly, was given the disgrace of his life after youths of his community held him down and flogged him publicly.

The incident happened in a community in Kano State and was captured on video where the old paedophile who said to be in the habit of luring little girls and defiling them.

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The old man who is in his late 60s, according to those who recorded the video, was fond of raping young hawkers and and was on the radar of the youths for a while and was caught in the act when he lured the 6-year-old into an uncompleted building and was in the act of raping her when the youths swooped in and nabbed him.

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As punishment for his crime, he was taken to the village square and instant punishment was meted out to him and he was given several strokes of the cane while he cried and begged for forgiveness.

Watch the video here:

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