In Ondo: Policeman assaults civilian for proclaiming rights on ATM queue

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A mobile policeman and his supporters are seen assaulting another man.

A group of men joined the policeman in assaulting a man who challenged the officer's intrusive behaviour.

A Mobile Policeman (MOPOL) has been captured in a video assaulting a male civilian who refused to be bullied off a queue reserved for cash withdrawal from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

According to an Instagram post, the security agent was not willing to wait in line so he opted to take the victim's position which led to a tussle between the pair.


In the process of defending himself from the aggressor, an unknown group of men wearing civilian dresses joined the latter in an offensive against him.

They were seen in the clip dragging the sufferer who was outnumbered and helpless. Attempts made by some sympathizers to calm the policeman yielded no result.

His frantic attempt to repel attacks by the assaulter was also unsuccessful. The video saw him being repeatedly molested until the scene ended.

Intimidation of innocent people by law enforcement officers who were sworn to serve and protect them has become quite common lately.

Military regimes in Nigeria saw an intense violation of human rights as less attention was paid to the rule of law especially when it concerns civilians who are without wealth.

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Democracy has hardly impacted the attitude of security personnel in respect to maintaining civility.

It is the year 2017 but under them it feels like the military era of the 80's and early 90s' all over again.

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