In South Korea: Woman chops off husband's penis for golf addiction

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Mrs. Kim reportedly cut off her husband's penis due to the abuse he suffered in his hands.

In addition to an addiction to playing golf, the victim reportedly subjected his wife to physical abuse and neglect.

For his addiction to golf, a woman referred to as Mrs. Kim, 50, chopped off her husband's penis and flushed it into the toilet.

She was able to achieve her aim while the victim was asleep but his rest was disrupted due to the pain that accompanied the removal of his genetials.

His loud groans prompted a neighbour to visit their apartment in Yeosu, South Korea to inquire about what was responsible.

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The Jeju Weekly reported that the man was found rolling on the floor when the visitor entered the house.

Besides the domestic hostility and neglect she endured from her husband, report says he also gave her no money.

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