In Togo: Government shuts down the Internet to stop protests

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Anti-government protest in Togo

If your bae is in Togo better send a letter because Internet has been shut down.

The go-to move for African dictators in this age is to shut down the Internet when there is any sign of unrest.

Togo has joined the league of African nations to have shut down the Internet. Protests were scheduled to take place against President Faure Gnassingbé. His family has ruled Togo for 50 years this week.

In August, the opposition party Le Parti National Panafricain (PNP)  and Togolese people demanded the return of democracy in the country. One of the main focal points of the protest is the reinstatement of the 1992 Constitution.

4 key African elections in 2017

The Constitution allows for multi-party elections and a two term limit for the President. This protest is why the government has shut down the Internet.

The shutdown has been confirmed by the local chapter of the NGO, Internet Without Borders. Firstly, people couldn't chat on WhatsApp or update their Facebook status. Shortly after, mobile connectivity was cut off.


In January 2017, the government of Cameroon shut down the Internet within the English speaking regions. This blackout lasted for 93 days.


The shutdown came on the heels of protests by English speaking Cameroonians who took to the streets to complain about the marginalization by the French-speaking led government.

The Kenyan government considered shutting down the Internet during the election period.  In 2016, Uganda, Gambia and the Republic of Congo shut down the Internet access to citizens. In the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia, the Internet was shut down during periods of unrest in both countries.

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