iPhone 8: 7 other things you can do than buying a new phone

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The iOS 11 control center is displayed on the iPhone 8 Plus in New York

There are more important things to do with your money than buying the new iPhone.

Instead of splashing your cash on the new iPhones (8 and X) how about using that money to invest in yourself and career.

The price of an iPhone X will go for at least N413,000 when it hits the market. An iPhone 8 and 8s will go for almost the same amount too. That's a lot of cash to be throwing around for a phone even if it has dope features such as face ID.


Here are 7 things to with your money instead of buying the latest iPhone.

1) Start a business


These days it makes more sense to have multiple streams of income than relying on a salary. If you have a million Naira it doesn't make financial sense to go and buy a smartphone no matter how pretty it is. Use the money to develop a hobby or interest into a small business. It's better to make money than spend money.

2) Buy a cheaper or second-hand iPhone


Instead of using all that money to buy a new iPhone, take less than half of that money to buy a clean second hand iPhone like the iPhone 7. It still runs on the iOS 11 and will be relevant at least for a year and a half.

3) Invest in shares


Take your money and buy some shares and stocks in some really good companies. Your future self will thank you later when the iPhone is a throwback.

4) Rent


With all that money it is best you use to pay for the roof over your head. When your rent is due you might not have any money from your savings. You can't live in the iPhone X. If you are good on rent, you can use the money to plan for the next apartment you are going to live in which should be an upgrade from your last one.

5) Buy Land


Many young Nigerians do not know that land is cheap outside of Lagos. With half a million Naira you can buy an impressive piece of land in faraway states. You can later sell the land for a profit when the real estate scene in that area develops.

6) Travel to an exotic place


Pay for experiences, not things. This is how you can live a rich life. Take the iPhone money and use it to visit an exotic location in another country or continent.

7) Car


Living in Lagos without a car is stressful. It is better to use all that cash to save for a good car. It really makes no sense if you are hopping on okadas with an iPhone 8.

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