Kemi Olunloyo: Snitch Lady says one of the Psquare wives would divorce them

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Kemi Olunloyo

This controversial media personality says one of the wives of the Psquare brothers would soon leave them following the crisis rocking them.

Controversial journalist and media personality, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, has jumped into the fracas that has been rocking the home of popular Nigerian twin music group, Psquare, by prophesying that one of the wives of the three brothers would take a walk soon.

The daughter of one-time Oyo State Governor, Sir Victor Olunloyo who is priming herself for the governorship position in her state, took to her Instagram account, @HnnAfrica, to make the prediction, saying that one of the women would leave the Psquare fold and become a P-Single mom.

Posting under the hashtag #ProphetKOO, Olunloyo who calls herself the Snitch Lady, said she has consulted her crystal ball and what she saw was that there will soon be a marriage breakup involving one of the brothers as the fight between them is not yet over.

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See what she posted:


The fight is not over yet; one of the Psquare's wife is going to divorce them. Another crystal ball prediction. One of these women is gonna leave her P-Square husband and become a P-Single mom."

However, many Nigerians did not take the prediction lightly as they came for Olunloyo who was recently released from prison custody where she was clamped in for over two months for allegedly slandering a Port Harcourt, Rivers State-based man of God, Pastor David Ibiyieomi.

Read some of the reactions here:


"That your vision is not from GOD; it's from the devil. Get busy with other things ma, instead of exposing an owl family ranting nonsense on social media.

If you are responsible enough, you won’t post this dirty post and if am the Okoye’s, I would sue you for this rubbish."


"Your plan will not work in Jesus name, Amen. So if you see a vision or you predict something that is not good in the sight of God, you can’t pray for God to cancel it? It will not happen in Jesus name, Amen."


"What is the problem with this woman? Why can't she find something better to do with her life instead of poking her nose into other people's issues? I guess prison did not teach her anything."

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"This woman will not cease to amaze me. Why is she always celebrating people's misfortune? And she calls herself a mother? She needs to be reigned in or she would do more damage to herself."


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