Kiss And Tell: Lady exposes married Pastor who impregnated, abandoned her

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Pastor Baribor Zorasi and Claire are enmeshed in a messy sex scandal

A young lady has exposed a married Port Harcourt-based pastor who allegedly got her pregnant and abandoned her to her fate.

A young lady identified only as Claire, has exposed a married man of God, Pastor Baribor Zorasi, for allegedly impregnating her and abandoning her to her fate.

According to Claire, the Port Harcour, Rivers State-based Pastor Zorasi never told her he was married with kids when they started their relationship and had promised to marry her but when she got pregnant for him, he threw her out of his life and blocked her from all social media platforms they had been communicating on.

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The angry lady who initially threatened to expose Pastor Zorasi when he failed to respond to her messages, went ahead to release screenshots of their earlier chats including details of their sexual escapades, narrating how they made love without using any protection and how he abandoned her when she told him she was pregnant.


But Pastor Zorasi who did not deny sleeping with her, did not seem to be bothered with Claire's threats, told her to do her worst and expose him to the whole world as he did not care. He even went ahead to give her addresses of his church both in his base in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and the Lagos addresses, telling her to go ahead and tell his senior pastors.

Beginning her post with the words:

"I want to expose a pastor who is also a married man for his infidelity", Claire went on to say:

"He lied to me that he is not married only for me to get pregnant and he abandoned me, blocked me on all the social media and said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me."

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She unashamedly revealed details how they met at hotels where they had sex several times and how she had hoped to get married to him only for her hopes to be dashed when she found out that he was not only married with kids but dumped her when she got pregnant for him.


See the screenshots of their conversations here:










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