Marijuana: Ghana, Malawi, Zimbabwe move to legalize weed

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Africa joins the marijuana train

More African countries see the economic opportunities in legalizing marijuana.

Lesotho recently became the first African country to grant a marijuana license.

Now African countries Ghana, Malawi and Zimbabwe are making moves to legalize marijuana.

A minister in Zimbabwe, Obert Mpofu revealed that a Canadian government has been in talks with the government to produce marijuana in the country.


"This company is from Canada and it’s one of the biggest conglomerates in that country and they are producing cannabis for medical purposes under strict conditions," said Mpofu, the Minister of Investment Promotion.

In Ghana, a debate has been initiated by the acting head of the Ghana Standards Authority, Professor Alex Dodoo on the production of marijuana.


"I’m not advocating that we should promote marijuana but several countries are now promoting medical marijuana including Canada.

"They are creating greenhouses to grow it and we have them in the bush but currently, it’s illegal. But that argument; that discussion should start" said  Professor Alex Dodoo to Biz Africa Daily.

Dodoo further argues that his countrymen should see the cultivation of marijuana as a source of major revenue for the country.

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"If we have the best products, why don’t we produce it at least for exports to the market in America, the market in Uruguay, the market in Canada and in several other countries where they need it for medical purposes" he suggested.

In the African nation of Malawi, is set to legalize hemp, a lower version of weed, after two years of rigorous debates.


For those who don't know, the continent of Africa produces some of the best strains of marijuana in the world. According to Mail & Guardian Africa, an African marijuana industry could generate up to  $79.8 billion per year.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the cultivation and possession of marijuana are illegal.

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