Miss Sahhara: 'I can't wait for the day my 'daughter' will get married' - Father [Video]

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The father of Nigerian transgender, Miss Sahhara, has revealed that he would gladly collect the bride price from any man wishing to marry her.

The father of Nigeria's foremost transgender, Miss Sahhara, Chief Agbo Ella, has said he would be ready to accept a bride price from any man who would want to marry his son turned daughter.

In an exclusive video interview with Idoma Voice, Pa Ella, who has continued to tell anyone that cares to listen that he is proud of his child who was named Clifford Oche at child birth but later underwent a sex change to become a woman, said he has accepted who his child has turned out to be.

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According to the interview, Clifford was born in and grew up as a man before he traveled to London many years ago where he has since been living as a woman after the sex change and now goes by the name Sahhara Henson.


Miss Sahhara, a native of Otukpo Nobi in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, is one of the first known Nigerian transgenders and has continued to claim that she was born as a woman and that the sex surgery was just to fulfill her her freedom which many had denied her in the past.

Miss Sahhara, a former Miss Transgender International Queen in 2011, continues to face public condemnation from many Nigerians who still think she is a man and is living an unnatural life.

In the interview, Chief Ella, a former lecturer, opened up, for the first time, on the transformation of his former son, now daughter.


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The father of the man-turned-woman narrated that he is very proud of the daughter who was once his son and would welcome her with open arms if she chooses to return home.

He denied ever disowning her, stressing that he would gladly accept a bride price from any man who is willing to take his daughter to the altar.

“Provided they can live together, why not? I will accept,” he said in the interview.


Watch the video here:

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