Morning Teaser: 'Help: My husband has switched off sex completely'

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This worried woman needs advice (Illustration)

Coco is just 32-years-old and has been married for eight years but her husband has been starving her of sex in the last two years and she is frustrated.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Coco, a 32-year-old married woman with three children. I have been married for eight years now but in the last two years, I have been living a frustrated life because my husband, Kendrick, has switched off sex.

He keeps complaining of tiredness, pressure from work, bills and brings up so many excuses whenever it comes to sex. Anytime we manage to have sex, he will be so detached and within minutes, he would be done and rolls to sleep.

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Apart from sex, he is playing his role as a good husband and father and naturally, I know I should not complain but for crying out loud, I am a woman and whether we like it or not, sex is one of the pillars that keeps a marriage together.

These days, we can go for six good months without my husband having sex with me or even cuddling and touching me like he used to do.

Anytime I complain, he would tell me he has had enough sex to last him a lifetime and that if I can't cope, I can either get a lover or get a sex toy to satisfy myself.

You won't believe that the last time my husband had sex with me this year was on February 14, and even then, I had to beg him for it.

I have tried to bear this sexual starvation all these while but I don't think I can cope any longer. People will say sex is not everything but I am ur those who say that do not know what it means to a woman.

There is this guy in my office who has been asking me out even though he knows I am married and I am tempted to give in to him, at least to get some sexual satisfaction instead of dying in silence.

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I know that even thinking about this is wrong but I can no longer help myself because I am being pushed to the wall by my own husband.


Dear readers, Coco is really frustrated and has been living a sexless life for a long time now due to Kendrick's sudden lack of interest in sex. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?

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