Morning Teaser: 'I am having a secret affair with my uncle's wife'

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This young man is seriously confused and needs advice (Illustration)

Noel has suddenly realized that sleeping with his uncle's wife is not a good thing at all and he has tried everything possible to put an end to it to no avail.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Noel, a 25-year-old man living with my uncle in Lagos. I have a huge burden that has been weighing me down and it is becoming so much for me to bear, hence my reason for coming out.

I have been having a secret affair with his wife for over one year now and the guilt is tearing me apart.

I graduated two years ago from a university and my uncle who has been taking care of me since my father died 10 years, was the one that saw me through school.

He is my mother's younger brother and decided to take up the responsibility for myself and my siblings since our father's family abandoned us at his death. He has been a father to us and made sure we did not feel the loss of our dad that much.

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Cynthia is 30-years-old and way younger than my uncle who did not get married until he was well into his late 40s. She is very sexy with a luscious body, with great curves that stand out prominently on her.

Many would not believe that she is 30 because she looks like a lady in her 20s with the way she carries herself. Since I came to live with them, I have never seen Cynthia in anything apart from tight trousers and short skirts.

My uncle is so besotted on her and flaunts her before everyone. He loves her so much and I am sure he will be so heart broken if he gets to know that his wife is not only cheating on him but with his nephew.

That is why I am so worried about the way I have betrayed him. It all happened when his wife, Cynthia lured me into her bed when uncle traveled to Germany for a course that lasted eight months.

My uncle had only gone for a month when Cynthia started pestering me to sleep with her. At first, she was subtle about it, throwing insinuations here and there, complimenting my looks, saying she envied my girlfriends and wondered how they felt when I am on them.

I did not find such discussions funny but I did not want to disrespect her, so I could not tell her to stop. She went further by telling me her sex life, how much she loved sex and missed it whenever her husband was away.

Then she began wearing very skimpy things around the house and sometimes, she would call me into their bedroom while dressing up, tying only a towel and asking me to assist her in doing one thing or the other.

One day, she told me to come to their bedroom to help her bring down a box from the wardrobe but when I went inside, I saw her naked. Before I could run out of the room, Cynthia held me tight and begged me to have sex with her.

I struggled to free myself but she held on to me with so much strength, begging me with tears in her eyes. Then she threatened that if I refused, she would tell my uncle that I raped her and the look in her eyes told me she would do just that.

I had no option at that moment but to give in to her, thinking that would be the last but since then, Cynthia has not allowed me rest as she keeps pestering me for sex and for the past one year, we have been at it.

Even when my uncle came back, we continued with the illicit affair and even though I am full of regret and shame, I cannot stop.

My major problem now is that Cynthia told me she is pregnant and that I am responsible for it. She has told me not to be worried as she would keep the baby to make my uncle happy as he has been getting worried over her inability to give him a child.

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Even at that, we have not stopped sneaking around to have sex. I want to put an end to this but I don't know what the outcome will be.


Dear readers, we have another story of betrayal, treachery, and breach of trust on our hands. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise Noel on what he should do.

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