Morning Teaser: 'I regret taking my Pastor's advice to marry a devil'

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This sad old man is really worried

Michael was deceived into marrying Benita by his Pastor who claimed she was God's ordained wife for him but he now knows the truth.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Michael, a 38-year-old businessman based in Lagos. I have been married for five years to Benita and we have a child but in all the years we have been married, I have lived in absolute regret.

I feel sad every day because my wife has turned out to be an agent of the devil as she has caused so much havoc in my life since I got married to her.

She is possessed and every effort to make her change has proved abortive. I only blame my Pastor who insisted that I marry her as she was the one created for me by God. How would I have known that the Pastor was leading me to my doom?

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I met Benita through my Pastor whom I took as my spiritual father and always took my problems to for spiritual assistance and prayers.

I was dating Janet at that time and had plans to get married to her and took her to meet the Pastor for counseling. But two days later, he sent for me and when I got to his house, he told me that while he was praying, God told him Janet was not my wife and that if I got married to her, she would bring untold hardship to me.

He insisted that I should not marry her as she was not the wife ordained for me by God. It was so painful letting Janet go but I could not disobey God's words.

After some time, the Pastor introduced Benita to me, saying she was related to his wife and that God had told him she was the wife meant for me.

We got married six months after and since then, life has never been the same for me as Benita turned into something else. She is so hot tempered that anytime we have a slight disagreement, she would get into a fit and break anything in sight.

Benita has broken the television sets in the house, air conditioners, my phones, electronics, kitchen utensils and louvers. She even took out her demon possessed anger on my car at one time and damaged the windscreens, side mirrors, lights and almost set the car on fire.

She does not spare m as she uses any object within her reach to attack me, inflicting serious injuries on me on many occasions. I am not talking of our neighbours as she has fought almost everybody in the compound and stabbed many of them in the process.

Anytime I report her to the Pastor, he will tell me that what I am going through is called a cross and I have to bear it and has warned me several times never to divorce Benita as that will spell doom for me.

The last straw was when my mother came visiting to get some medical attention. I was in my office when a neighbour called me to rush back home that my wife has killed my mother.

By the time I managed to get home, I saw a crowd gathered in my apartment and I saw my mother lying sprawled on the floor with many people fanning her while some were pouring water on her.

I rushed my mother to the hospital where she was admitted and spent over three weeks before she recovered fully.

I was told that Benita had beaten my mother because she dared to ask for her food. It took the grace of God for me not to kill Benita that day as neighbours had quickly rushed her out when they heard my car coming.

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I have had enough and despite the Pastor threatening fire and brimstone, warning me of the consequences of what would come if I divorce Benita, I have made up my mind that this is the end of everything.


Dear readers, after going through Michael's story on Morning Teaser today, do you think he should go ahead and divorce Benita or continue to endure their marriage?

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