Morning Teaser: 'My parents want me to marry a woman I don't love'

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"Dear Pulse,

My name is Tomiwa, a 34-year-old man. All through my life, I have been living under the shadow of my rich parents who decide what I should do, behave, think and do things.

As the only son, right from my childhood days, my parents had this annoying habit of dictating to me, choosing my life for me, sort of.

When I started school, they warned me never to mix with children of the poor because, according to them, they would implant in me the spirit of poverty.

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I was never able to live my life as everything I did was monitored and I was always conscious of doing things that would not meet their approval. Everything I did was to please them and never to let them down.

I was very careful not to go against them and picked only friends they would approve of. In fact, I did not have a childhood. I could not stay out with my friends to play, I could not indulge in childish innocence because my parents were watching.

They said they were training me to take over the family business and as such, I must cultivate only relationships that would enhance the business.

When I was 15, they shipped me out of the country to England to continue my studies. I had to study business administration at the university because they wanted me to while I had the intention of studying law.

I was not to date any girl whose parents were not in the upper echelon of the society and even when I came back to Nigeria to become the general manager in the company, I could not go out with any 'low class' lady.

My mother, especially, kept drumming into my head the need to marry into the right family and she had tried to matchmake me with some of her friends' daughters several times, not minding the fact that I may not feel anything for them.

After all they have done to live my life for me, they are trying to take away any shred of happiness I have left in my life. My parents want me to marry a lady I do not love just because her father controls a huge business conglomerate and they think joining forces with him would be the best thing to happen to them.

The problem is that I do not love the lady they want to force on me and I have told my parents so but my father has vowed to disown me if I refuse to marry her while mother said she would commit suicide and her blood would be on my head.

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They have gone ahead to make preparations for the impending marriage without even involving me. I confided in a few friends and some say I should just go ahead with the marriage and after getting control of the two companies, divorce the woman and move on with my life.

But others say I should stand my foot down and refuse to be pressured into getting married to someone I do not love as I would not be happy, which I know.

Please, what can I do as the date of the wedding has been fixed for November?


Dear readers, Tomiwa surely has a battle on his hands as he comes up against his authoritative parents. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to tell him what to do to free himself from their strong hold.

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