New Jesus: Nigerian Pastor claims to raise man from the dead in SA

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Prophet Anointed Andrew claims he has the power to raise the dead

A Nigerian man of God based in South Africa has come in for serious condemnation after he claimed to have resurrected a dead man.

South Africans have come for a Nigerian man of God based in that country, Prophet Anointed Andrew,  for claiming that he resurrected a dead man who was brought to him after he gave up the ghost.

Prophet Ejimadu, the founder of Christ Freedom Ministries who is popularly called Seer 1, had told his members how he brought back the young man to life after his parents brought to the church, dead.

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The controversial Seer 1 further told his congregation that the parents of the man said when he died, they were advised to take him to a mortuary but they refused and decided to take him to the Prophet because they had heard about his exploits and how God had been using him to perform miracles.

According to him, when they brought the dead man to him, he laid him on the floor, prayed over his body and breathed life into him and he promptly resurrected to the bewilderment of the parents.


However, many people in the country have been knocking the assertion of the man of God, claiming that he is using magic to perform miracles and that he had no such powers to raise a dead man.

They insist that all he does is to hoodwink the people and fleece them of their hard earned money and have called on their government to not only regulate foreign Pastors in their country, especially those from Nigeria but to also ban them from the country.

This is not the first time the young prophet has set tongues wagging as he often orders his members to lie on the ground while he is preaching or force them to lick his shoes as part of delivering them from different afflictions.

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He is also known to have told his members to bring all the money they have and that he would pray for miracle money to enter their pockets and bank accounts in replacement for the ones given to him.

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