Public Disgrace: Drunk police officer found sleeping in muddy gutter [Video]

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The drunk police officer

Another drunk police officer has brought shame to the force after he was found sleeping in a gutter after drinking to stupor.

A Nigerian Police officer has further brought shame and disdain to the force after he was found sleeping in muddy water after getting himself drunk to stupor.

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The dead drunk officer, according to eyewitnesses, had left his duty post and went to a drinking joint where he got plastered beyond control and could no longer be in his senses.

While staggering home, the gallant officer decided to take a nap and found the muddy gutter the appropriate place to have a rest and sleep off his drunken state and trust Nigerians who found him in that state as they took photographs and made a video of the drunken master which was later posted on the social media.


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This is not the first time this ugly and disgraceful incident will happen as some police officers have continued to cause embarrassment to the force after they would drink to stupor and end up either sleeping at bus stops or inside gutters.

Watch the video here:

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