Pulse List: 5 Trends in Lagos' youth sub-culture scene

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The Waffles N Cream crew

Find out what is happening in the youth-sub culture in Lagos right now.

Lagos has an active youth-sub culture and in 2017 it has been mad active.

The youth sub-culture has been on one in 2017 as certain forerunners are pushing the culture forward.

These millennials are creative, independent and are not afraid to experiment till they come up with something that ticks.

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Here are some of the stand out trends among the Lagos cool kids.


1) Pop up shops and events

Pop up shops and events have taken off in 2017, from 90s Baby to Young Kulture. Cool millennials are creating with events and spots to hang out, chill and be themselves. Mass-oriented events bore them. They want to just hang and vibe with their tribe. This is why pop up shops that sell merch and pop up events have been on the rise this year.


2) Podcasts

This has got to be the year of the podcasts among trendy Lagos millennials. In 2016, Nigerian podcasts weren't that many. In 2017, podcasts are popping off on the regular. Some of these podcasts are doing mad numbers which might prove at the end of the day that podcasts are here to stay. These podcasts help millennials express themselves honestly without fear of censorship or judgement.


3) Black TV series

Atlanta and Insecure have really done it for the Netflix (and illegal downloads) gang in 2017. The rise of black oriented TV series from the states has helped young Nigerians be about that series life. Now we can watch a TV series acted by people who look more like us.


4) Gender Neutrality

Boxes and labels aren't for this generation. Within certain packs of Lagos millennials, you can see young kids and adults dressing in a gender neutral way. They don't want to be seen as male or female but human beings. Others are also altering the way masculinity is perceived.


5) Do It Yourself Culture

These millennials don't wait to be fed, they go out and do things themselves. If websites won't post their songs, they share their Soundcloud links among their friends till it does mad numbers. If promoters are not giving them shows, they create their own events. They design their clothes and live according to their own rules.

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