Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say James should report his wife's friend to her

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55% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters say James should tell his wife that her friend has been sexually harassing him to avoid future problems.

James has been married to Ruth for five years with two children and they have had a happy home so far.

But Ruth's friend, Naomi, has been putting pressure on him to sleep with her and as much as he has been doing everything to keep her at bay, she is becoming more desperate.

What should he do?

Read his story here:

"My name is James, a 36-year-old married man with two children. I have been married for five years now and though I cannot say the marriage has been very smooth, my wife, Ruth, and I have tried to make sure we have a stable and happy home.

However, her best friend, Naomi, has been putting pressure on me to sleep with her and all my efforts to let her see reasons that it would be a wrong thing to do has not deterred her.

The sexual harassment started when Ruth traveled to Abuja for a one month course and begged Naomi who is a single mother, to always come to the house and help out with the children since we do not have a maid.

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For the duration Ruth was out of Lagos, Naomi lived in our house and really helped a lot. She took care of our kids very well, prepared meals, kept the house tidy and did all she could to make us comfortable.

I was very appreciative of her help and kept thanking her for her assistance. Most nights after the kids had gone to bed, we would sit together in the parlour watching movies or just chatting but I was surprised one night when Naomi steered the conversation to sex.

We chatted about this and that before she blurted out how much she loved sex and how she has not had sex in a long while. She kept talking about what she loved a man to do to her in bed, the sex positions she loved most, how she likes a man who can go up to five rounds a night.

Though I was uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was going, I could not tell her to stop, so she went on and on and ended up by saying she was so horny that night. Then she did what I never expected from her as she started pleasuring herself, moaning softly and looking at me with sedated eyes.

I knew it was a clear invitation for me to have sex with her and I must confess that though I was seriously tempted, I was able to restrain myself and went to my room where I locked the door and slept off.

Since that day, Naomi has not hidden the fact that she wanted me to have sex with her. Even when my wife came back and she had to go back to her place, Naomi has continued to bombard me with raunchy text messages, sending me her nude photos, calling me all the time, telling me how much she wants to sleep with me.

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I don't want to tell my wife what has been going on because that will cause serious friction between them and I don't want that to happen.

I don't know how else to tell Naomi to stay away from me.


The teaser for the day was:

What should James do to put off Naomi?

How Nigeria voted:

James should report Naomi to his wife immediately - 55%

James should continue avoiding Naomi till she gets tired - 17%

James should threaten Naomi that he would tell his wife - 21%

James should sleep with Naomi since she is the one who wants it - 7%

How do you vote on this issue?

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