Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say only a powerful man of God can deliver Teniola

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This crying woman needs help (Illustration)

50% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have advised Teniola to go a powerful man of God to break the yoke of a blood vow.

Teniola was only 15-year-old when she fell in love with Tokunbo, a much older guy who manipulated her innocence and made her go into a blood vow with him.

Being an impressionable teenager, Teniola thought she was very much in love with Tokunbo and agreed to take the blood vow without knowing its implications.

Now Toks is dead and the blood vow has been haunting her and she wants to break it but how?

Read her story here:

"My name is Teniola, a 28-year-old lady. I am in a very serious dilemma due to a foolish act I committed when I was a teenager by going into a blood vow with my then boyfriend, Tokunbo, who s now dead.

I call it foolishness because I went into the blood vow without thinking what the repercussions would be in the future.

But then, I did not know better as I was just 16 and in a relationship for the first time and just like any teenager, I thought that was the love of my life and nothing would ever separate us.

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Toks was in the university and way older than I was and when he asked me out, I felt on top of the world as he was the most sought-after guy in my area and many of my friends went out of their way to get his attention.

He was so cool and anytime he came home on holidays, we did everything we could to get his attention, even fighting ourselves and keeping malice with one another all because of him.

So I was surprised when he stopped me one day on my way back from school and told me he loved me. I felt myself floating and could not believe my luck that the coolest guy in town found me worthy of dating.

When I told my friends later, I became the envy of all and many of them tried to dissuade me from dating Toks but I felt they were just jealous of my good fortune.

Anyways, Toks introduced me to a whole new world and made me see love in a different way. I had read so many romance novels but what I felt for Tokunbo could not be compared to anything I ever read.

When he deflowered me on my 16th birthday, I made a vow that no man would ever touch me as long as I lived and dedicated myself to him. I loved Tokunbo so much and worshipped the ground he walked.

In fact, the way I felt then, I could have easily denounced my parents if I had to make a choice between them and Toks. I was that crazy about him but looking back now, I know it was all puppy love.

But Tokunbo took advantage of me and said we should take a blood vow to cement our love and I gladly accepted. That day, he made some incisions on our thumbs, collected the blood which he mixed with some powdery stuff and gin and we drank from it.

He told me the vow was to bind us together and that anyone that dated or had sex with another person would either run mad or die.

Stupidly, I went along with him. In my childish mind, I never thought of ever dating or sleeping with another man. Toks was my world and no man could ever come close to him.

But tragedy struck when Tokunbo was involved in an accident in his final year in the university and died on the spot.

I was 20 then and since he died, I have not been able to have any meaningful relationship with another man as I always fear running mad or lose my life.

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My fear has also been compounded by the fact that when I tried having a relationship some years ago, the man also died in an accident.

My parents are worried that at 28, I am yet to settle down or even bring a man home to meet them. I have gone for deliverance in different churches but I am still afraid for my life.


The teaser for the day was:

What should Teniola do to break a blood vow?

How Nigeria voted:

Teniola should go to a powerful man of God to deliver her - 50%

Teniola should visit a powerful native doctor to break the vow - 5%

Teniola should move on with her life as the blood vow has no power on her - 7%

Teniola should seek the face of God to break the evil vow - 43%

How would your vote swing here?

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