Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Raphael should heed the advice of his elders

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This worried man needs advice (Illustration)

50% of Pulse Nigeria voters say Raphael should comply with the directives of the village elders so as to avoid calamity in the future.

Raphael met Imaobong in Lagos and decided to get married to her after so much pressure from his parents for him to settle down.

With Imaobong currently pregnant for him, Raphael went with her to see her people so that the marriage proceedings would begin, only for him to meet the shock of his life.

His life and love have been thrown into jeopardy following the revelation that what he and Imaobong have is an abomination.

Read his story here:

"My name is Raphael, a 38-year-old man from the southern part of the country. I am in a serious dilemma at the moment and I really do need the advice to get myself out of this problem.

I have been living and working in Lagos for over 10 years now and I hardly go home except for Christmas and special occasions.

I met Imaobong three years ago at an event organized by our people and fell in love with her immediately, especially when we got talking and I got to know that her mother is from my town.

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Imaobong became the most important woman in life because apart from having all the qualities any man would want in a woman, she proved to be dependable, respectful, caring and someone who would be there for her husband and children no matter what.

Before I met Imaobong, my parents, especially my mother, have been on my neck to get married, settle down and become a responsible man since I have a good job.

When I informed my mother that I had finally found the woman I wanted to get married to, she was over the moon with joy, especially when she knew Imaobong's mother was from our town.

My mother and my fiancee became very close and always talked on the phone and knowing my mother, she must have put pressure on Imaobong to do everything possible to hasten our marriage.

So I was not surprised when Imaobong informed me that she was pregnant five months ago. I was very happy and informed my mother about it. But I was surprised when she told me that she knew already and that we should come home immediately so we could go and meet Imaobong's parents.

Last month, we decided to go home and start proceedings for our marriage and that was when I was shocked beyond words. The moment my parents saw Imaobong, they screamed and I heard my father asking God why such an abomination could befall him.

I did not understand what he meant and sought for an explanation. My father took me to his room and calmly told me that Imaobong and I were related by blood and having sex with her was a great curse.

I asked him to explain how we were related and he told me that Imaobong's mother was his first cousin and that the tradition of our land forbids us from sleeping together and getting married.

The relationship was confirmed when we went to Imaobong's family house. Her mother was crying bitterly and asking God why such calamity should befall on her.

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As it stands now, apart from losing the woman I love with my life, it has been agreed that Imaobong should abort the pregnancy because the child would bring bad luck to the family. We will also have to make some sacrifices to atone the gods of the land so as to avert calamity.

I am tempted to stand my ground, marry Imaobong, have our baby and dare the consequences but our elders have told us that it would all end in disaster.

What should I do in this situation?


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Raphael should do?

How Nigeria voted:

Raphael should comply with the elders to avoid calamity in future - 50%

Raphael should go ahead and marry Imaobong and damn the tradition - 18%

Raphael should cut all ties with Imaobong - 6%

Raphael should stand by his words and marry Imaobong - 27%

How would you vote here?

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