Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Simon should seek spiritual help to forget ex-lover

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This depressed man needs advice fast

36% of Pulse Nigeria Poll readers believe Simon should seek spiritual assistance to be able to put Esther behind him and face his marriage.

Simon was madly in love with Esther and despite her flirting around, he thought he would be able to tame her and saw a future with her.

But when they had an issue and broke up for a while, he met Deola and within a short while, they got married and are supposed to be having a happy home.

However, Esther has continued to play a big factor in Simon's life as he is still seeing her in secret and can't seem to forget about her in a hurry.

Read his story here:

"My name is Simon, a 38-year-old man living and working in Lagos. I have been married for two years now with a child but I am not enjoying my marriage one bit.

My happiness has nothing to do with my wife because she is one of the best wives any man would pray to have. In fact, Deola is one woman who would make any right-thinking man to be very happy and have a fulfilled home.

But my problem stems from the fact that I have been finding it quite difficult to let go of my former girlfriend even as a married man.

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I was in love with Esther for three years and though I did not see any future in the relationship, I was crazy about Esther. Till this moment, I can't place a finger on what it really was but I know she meant the world to me.

I met Esther when I just lost my job and she stood by me through thick and thin. I remember how she used her little earning to take care of me till I could get back on my feet. I knew she dated other men but I could not bring myself to hate her.

She was like a wife to me and everyone in the compound I lived called her my wife and thought we were going to get married but her sleeping around always bothered me but there was nothing I could do as I was madly in love with her.

Even when I met different men in her house, I always found myself forgiving her once she begged me for forgiveness and I was always ready and willing to take her back.

In the three years we dated, Esther got impregnated twice by other men and had to terminate the pregnancies but I was not bothered.

There were times we had quarrels and stayed away for months but we always found a way of getting back together. It was on one of such periods that I met Deola through a colleague of mine and though I only wanted to have a fling, I became drawn to her with time.

It did not take long for Deola to become pregnant for me and since I did not want to have a child out of wedlock and her insistence on keeping the baby, I decided to get married to her, thinking that would free me from the shackles of Esther.

But even with a loving and devoted wife, I still can't get my mind off Esther as I still think of her. She knows I am married and though she was initially hurt, she has come round to accepting the situation but wants us to continue dating.

But my problem with Esther is that she has vowed never to let another woman take me away from her. Whenever we are together, she makes statements about how she has resolved to get what she wants and would not mind killing to get it.

Though these statements are often veiled, the meanings are not lost on me. I am afraid she could harm my wife or my baby so as to get me.

I keep thinking of her all the time and even when making love to my wife, I will never enjoy it because I would visualize having sex with Esther. I have involuntarily called out her name while sleeping with my wife and though she never said anything on those occasions, I know she gets hurts so much.

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I do want to love and devote my time to my wife but I can't seem to help myself as Esther keeps coming to my mind all the time.

Someone should please tell me what to do as I am going crazy about the whole situation. Some of my friends think Esther used charms on me because the situation does not seem ordinary.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Simon should do?

How Nigeria voted:

Simon should make every effort to get Esther out of his mind - 18%

Simon should stop seeing Esther and count her as his part - 25%

Simon should seek for spiritual deliverance as the situation is not ordinary - 36%

Simon should endeavour to put his family above everything - 21%

How would your vote swing here?

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