Sex: How do you ask your partner if you want some?

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how much sex should you have

Men and women ask for sex in different ways according to a Pulse survey.

Men and women are different. We sometimes want the same things but we go about it differently.

Let's use sex as an example. Men want sex and women want sex too. The way a man asks for sex would be different from the way a woman asks for sex.

This is the popular theory of course. It is believed that women have indirect ways in which they ask their partners for sex. Men are believed to be more direct when they want sex.


To put this to the test, Pulse carried out survey titled "How Men & Women Ask For Sex".  The aim of the survey is to find out how women ask their partners for sex. Men also filled this survey.

The results were slightly surprising but not shocking. 40% of women chose this option "I tell him to his face that I want to have sex"  in the survey.


20% of the female respondents said they would ask their partner for a cuddle which would lead to sex. Another 20% of women said that they would wear a skimpy outfit to their man's place and this would let him know she wants sex. The remaining 20% do it the new school way- sending suggestive emojis and nudes.


40% of women who said they would take the direct approach reflects the shifting attitude of Nigerian women towards sex. Some young female Nigerians prefer not to beat around the bush concerning sex. The conservative attitude towards sex is slowly dwindling especially among millennials.

60% of the women still would rather go indirect. Things are changing but women still want men to take charge when it comes to sex.

For men, the results of the survey are not surprising. 59.1% indicated that they would touch their partner suggestively. If she doesn't resist things would move further and eventually lead to sex.

18.2% verbally and directly tell their partners they want sex and 9.1% of the respondents say they would send the classic "can you come over?" line. The famous Netflix & Chill line makes up 4.5% of the survey and another 4.5% represents men who prefer suggestive texts and emojis.


From what we can learn about this survey, men are still the ones that lead the initiative for sex. Although women are taking charge too, many are still comfortable with their man asking for it.

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