Stephanie Rose: Nigerian transgender says God is the devil causing floods

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Stephanie Rose

This Nigerian transgender has not stopped blaspheming and disparaging God and His son, Jesus Christ, whom she claimed is the cause of all evil.

Nigerian transgender, Stephanie Rose, who has taken it upon herself to attack and insult God and His son, Jesus Christ, is at it again, this time claiming that the Almighty is the one responsible for the floods that have ravaged several parts of America and Nigeria, in a bid to continue killing people.

Rose, who was born Dapo Adaralegbe before undergoing surgery to change his sex to become a woman, resumed her hostilities at the Almighty in new sustained verbal attacks, following the natural disasters that have been causing havoc in different parts of the world in recent weeks.

Rose, who, at various times, called God and Jesus unprintable names, said He is the devil himself and behind the disasters culminating in the deaths and displacement of many people.

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Taking to her Facebook wall, Rose who is the author of 'No Body Goes To Heaven Because Nobody Goes To Hell Fire,' posted:

"Texas Flood... The covenant never changed...

Flood is a feature of the old testament. If the entire story of Jesus Christ is true, the same God will not be still destroying places with floods. Flood is a natural disaster like earthquakes sent by the same God to destroy humanity."

Quoting from the Bible in Luke 21.10-11, she went further:

"'Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom and there will be earthquakes in various places'.

The economic recession of all nations in the famine, diseases, and poverty, hate crimes, domestic violence, satanic killing, (Terror, fearful sights) and great signs from heaven like flood, hurricane, plane crashes and all inconsistencies of nature made by the same God to traumatize humanity.


It is a satanic New World Order to truncate the peace of the earth."

Not yet done, she went further to say that God has failed to control the devil because He functions as the devil, bringing about untold hardship to people.

"He [God] has failed to control the position of the Devil because he functions in this position.

The same God is the Devil and evil spirit killing and destroying all of humanity with wars, earthquakes, diseases, famine, hate crimes, etc."


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This is not the first time Rose has taken to social media to disparage the Almighty whom she claims is worse than the devil. At other times, she has declared that God is a monster, an idiot, evil and stupid and that she would rather go to hell than bow down to God.

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