Untimely Death: Young talented Nigerian footballer dies of earache

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Josh Ayuba

Josh Ayuba who was a promising footballer died after a strange brief illness.

18-year-old Josh Ayuba died on Sunday evening after suffering from a brief illness.

2 weeks before his death, he complained about a very painful earache which made him miss training.

Josh was one of three children born to a Filipino mother and Nigerian father.

The talented youngster who lived with his family at Flint Close in Portslade, who studied at Cardinal Newman played for Southwick FC's under-21 team before his demise.


He had also just completed his study at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy and was about advancing to study economics at Bournemouth before his demise.

He was said to have been popular amongst friends and was loved because of his generosity

Josh's mother, Estrella said “He was the most amazing son. There were many times we would be struggling, for example when there wasn’t much dinner left. Josh would always say ‘mum, you have it’ and it would go on and on. He had a very generous heart.

Having the Midas touch effect, Josh excelled in all spheres of his life, academics, and sports “He was very intelligent. His teachers would always say how clever he is.” Estrella, 56, said.

Josh started working in a call centre as a sales rep, after completing his college degree. “They said he was one of the best salesmen on his team”, his mother said.

Josh would be missed by his two sisters, Ruth, 25, and 17-year-old Jubilee.


Due to the discomfort he went through, his manager, Mark Hilfiker, and family advised him to see his doctor.

Josh went to his GP at the Mile Oak Medical Centre in Chalky Road, where he was given medicine and sent home.

However, after going to visit his general practitioner at the Mile Oak Centre in Chalky road and was administered some medicine, there was no improvement, not being able to eat and sleep well for five days, He went back to the clinic and saw another medical practitioner who now referred him to the A and E department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

An unknown bacteria had formed and reached his brain, which started causing Josh to hallucinate and suffer numerous seizures.

He was put in the intensive care unit, last Tuesday. At that time he could not recognize his family members anymore.

He died around 7 pm on Sunday night

We encourage everyone to make sure they go for vaccination,” said Josh's sister, Ruth, 25.

Live life to the fullest and spend time with your family, because it’s the hardest thing knowing you won’t get that time back.

The Ayuba family have a strong faith in Christianity said they have Josh's friends in their praying at the painful time

"Josh would want them to have the most fulfilling version of their lives possible", Ruth said.

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