Xenophobia: Another Nigerian beaten to death by SA police officers

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Clement Ofoma was allegedly beaten to death by South African Police officers

Another young Nigerian living in South Africa has reportedly been beaten to death by the police on allegations of being a drug dealer.

A young Nigeria man has been allegedly beaten to death by police officers in South Africa in what is clearly a case of Xenophobia where Nigerians are targeted.

The victim who has been identified as Clement Ofoma, a native of Obosi in Anambra State, was allegedly beaten to death by the police who arrested him at his residence in Johannesburg on the allegation that he was a drug dealer.

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Even after his house was searched and no drug was found, the police still took him to their station where he was tortured to death.

The South African Police, in its usual way, however, refuted claims that Ofoma was tortured to death and that he was a drug dealer who resisted arrest and even fought with officers when they went to arrest him.

But a friend of the late Ofoma, Star Boy Nino Brown, who shared the sad news on his Facebook wall, insisted that he was beaten to death and was not even given the chance to defend himself of the allegations leveled against him by the Metro Police.


Brown who lives in Johannesburg, wrote on his wall:

"A Nigerian guy was beaten to death by Metro Police in Bee Mandela in Johannesburg. They covered his face with plastic and after much beating, he passed on and Naija guys went to police station to know why they kill the guy and look @ what happens.

This is so unfair. Clement aka Obosi, my guy, may your soul rest in perfect peace, Amen."

This is not the first time Nigerians living and doing their businesses in South Africa would be targeted and killed by both the police and other residents who see Nigerians as a threat, criminals, and drug barons while the Nigerian government has continued to pay lip service to protect their citizens.

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This month alone, about six Nigerians have been reportedly killed in extra-judicial manners and each of the cases has been swept under the carpet with no one being brought to justice.

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