You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: The price of fuel has reduced, hallelujah!

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Nigerians rushing to the fuel station after the price slash

This Sallah, Ayo Fayose wanted to unite Muslims and Christians but his press secretary didn't get the memo.

To all my Naija and Muslim people reading this, happy Sallah.

First of all, let's have a minute of silence for all the rams that passed away during this festivity. They all died for a good cause- feeding Muslims and hungry Christian neighbours.

These Christian neighbours greet you very well when Sallah is around the corner. Sallah might be is one of the few things that unites (some) Christians and Muslims in this country. Who doesn't like free food?


If you are one of the Christians who doesn't eat Sallah meat and food, well NNPC gave you a gift during the long holiday. The price of fuel has fallen according to the NNPC on Sunday, September 3, 2017.


From N145, the price of fuel has fallen to N142-143. If you live in Lagos or any other major this would be good news to you. If you are unlucky, your state is still most likely selling it for the old price.

I am happy for this slight fall. The difference means a lot if you buy fuel for your small generator almost every day and for your car regularly.

The cynic in me suspects that the timing of this news and our President flying out of the country is a bit odd. Coincidence? Most likely but we cannot put anything past this men at the top.

And in the latest saga in the life of my #WCW, Diezani Alison-Madueke is now living in a rented flat in London. How have the mighty fallen? You could say that Diezani has fallen on hard times. Yes. Although, a flat in London is more expensive than a house in many parts of Lagos. Mama is downsizing now that her enemies are after her. She will overcome. Pablo Diezani- my woman crush for life.


Now, to my favourite governor in the land, Ayo Fayose. The Governor of Ekiti state has sacked his Chief Press Secretary for sleeping on duty.

Ayo Fayose wasn't too happy with his CPS. The hard working governor took part in the Sallah prayers in his state but journalists were not around to see his grand entry. The lack of publicity got the CPS thrown into the labour market.


The Governor of Ekiti should use this same energy to go about making Ekiti a productive state. He should sack commissioners who are not doing their jobs. He should fire contractors who are stalling on projects. As a matter of fact, he should fire himself if he doesn't perform.

Congrats to the Super Eagles for defeating Cameroon, to be honest, I never thought they could do it. I have lost faith in the Eagles a long time ago. Here's hoping they whoop them in the away leg. Let's also pray that Cameroonian girls with small waists and big apple bottoms don't give them groin injuries before the game.

Happy Sallah.

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