You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: This is why married men cheat

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In the cheating game, men and women are to blame

In cheating culture, both men and women are equally guilty.

One of the nagging questions of our time is why married men cheat?

I hear this question all the time. And over the weekend, Twitter NG was buzzing with allegations that a certain lady was dating a married man. It turned out the story was false but it started a conversation on why married men have sex with single ladies.

I have a theory about why men who already have a woman at home chase young women all over Lagos. It's a radical theory, it might even be controversial but if you are open minded it would make sense.


Married men cheat because women are okay with cheating. Is this shocking to you? I hope it is. Most women who date married men know they are married. They don't see anything wrong with it. When you hear a single lady say "I only go out with matured men", chances are that she regularly sleeps with married men. The term "Matured men" is just a code for married men.

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If women are so averse to cheating why do some women willingly date and have sex with married men?  Who are these babes sleeping with married men? Almost every woman out there has said cheating is bad but some of these women who say so have slept or are sleeping with married men.

Let's entertain the idea that in the world of women cheating is a no-no. If we move forward with this idea, we would eventually hit a brick wall because of stories of infidelity.

This is where my theory comes in. All women hate being cheated on but some women do not mind helping a man cheat on his spouse. Women have contributed strongly to cheating culture. No one forces you into a relationship, you do so according to your free will. When a married man hits on you, it's not a do or die affair. You have the option to say no but hey...


If ALL women hate cheating then no woman should date a married man because another woman is involved. A woman should respect another woman's marriage. This would only happen in an ideal world.

I am not laying the entire blame on women. Married men who have been caught cheating should be ridiculed and shamed in public. All I am saying is that married men and the single women who they date are both at fault.


When we drag only married men who cheat we are sending a dangerous message that most women cannot turn down their advances.

Married men cheat because single women accommodate them. If all women truly hate the concept of cheating, there would be hardly any single woman who would accept the advances of married men.

You know I'm just joking o.

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