Abdulrasheed Maina: Family of former Pension boss battle politicians

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Ex pension boss, Abdulrasheed Maina

The family of the former boss of the National Pension Scheme has called on Nigerians to leave their son alone.

The family of the former chairman of the Presidential Task Team on Pension Reforms, AbdulRasheed Maina who is in the eye of the storm following his reinstatement by the Federal Government after he was accused of fraud, has warned politicians to tread with caution.

The Maina Royal Family of Borno State, at a press briefing held on Monday, October 23, 2017, fired this warning to political gladiators telling them to keep off their son so that he can carry out his duties without distractions.

The family in a reaction to Maina's reinstatement by the Federal Government thanked the Almighty Allah that their son has lived to eventually be reinstated after several assassination attempts on his life, and series of investigations by the Federal Government that eventually cleared him of any complicity at the course of his duties.

A statement jointly signed on behalf of the family by Hauwa Maina, an actress of international repute and Aliyu Maina, an investment banker, and political strategist, reads in part:

"We owe our gratitude to God the Almighty. We want to send our special appreciation to our amiable President and Father, Gen Muhammadu Buhari for following due process in the reinstatement of our son.

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AbdulRasheed Maina is well known to all Nigerians for being patriotic and fearless in the recovery of funds stolen by thieves in the pension industry, working always hard to ensure that he gives maximum service to the country in all his dealings as a civil servant.

It is unfortunate that former President Goodluck Jonathan who found Maina worthy of the assignment after perusing his antecedents and credentials, to lead the Presidential TaskForce on Pension Fund, couldn't protect him after the Pension fraud cabal went for Maina's jugular, just to punish him for exposing their dubious and reckless stealing and for saving the country of large sums of money that were hitherto stolen by a few.

We are, however, grateful to God that despite all the trials and tribulations that our son went through in this dark period, God still kept him strong and healthy to the point that he is able to resume work.

The President, who in his fair and transparent nature, saw the need to ensure that justice is actually seen to be done at the end of the day.

However, it has become imperative to also warn politicians and their cronies who may want to use the opportunity to distract Maina, to desist from doing so as the family would seek redress where applicable.

We have taken his ordeal as an act of God and any attempt to drag his name through the mud for personal reasons, or to settle political scores with people, will totally be rejected and confronted.

This is not the right time for political engagement; we urge all the good citizens of Borno State pressurizing him to contest the governorship of the state to exercise some patience and allow him to heal the wounds inflicted on him by the last administration.

It is on record that the government abandoned him when the political interests of their friends eventually clashed with the duties which he was commissioned to deliver.

We are Muslims and believe that the Almighty God in his wisdom has taken Maina through this phase of life as part of the journey to greater assignments and service to the nation.

To that end, we, as a family, have forgiven his traducers and urge everyone to join hands with him as he resumes work to continue with high-level fund recovery and blocking leakages in the system, which he knows best.

He should, at least, be allowed to further contribute his quota to the Buhari administration's corruption fight as he demonstrated during the last administration.

We are, therefore, unequivocal in our demand that Maina should be left alone, excused from every political imagination of any member of the public so as to be able to concentrate more on his duties as his inputs to the system have greatly been missed."

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While thanking Nigerians and all those who stood by Maina and his family during their trying period, the Royal Family urged civil servants to remain committed to the service of humanity and continue to support President Buhari for being a just leader, who would ensure that every single Nigerian who has found himself in a similar situation, gets justice and fair hearing irrespective of their religion, tribe or political affiliations.

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