Allen Avenue: Other things this popular street is famous for

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Welcome to Allen Avenue!

Apart from a very vibrant night life culture, Allen Avenue is popular for a few other things too.

Allen Avenue is one of the commercial hubs of Lagos state.

The road is one of the popular streets in Lagos. If you live in Lagos, chances are that you have been to Allen Avenue.

The nightlife on Allen has been properly documented. Further dwelling on the street, Allen Avenue is famous for other things apart from strip clubs, sex and suya.

Here are some other things Allen Avenue is famous for.

In terms of Nigerian entertainment, Allen Avenue plays a crucial role. Two popular media outfits are off Allen Avenue. We have Smooth Promotions, the parent company of Hip TV, Headies and Hip Hop World Magazine.


Smooth Promotions is one of the most influential entertainment media companies out of Nigeria in the last two decades. It has set trends, established the act of many acts and revolutionized the industry.

The other entertainment media outfit off Allen Avenue is THE NET. The popular entertainment news website was created in 2009. The website has become the go-to website for many entertainment lovers in Nigeria for years.


If you are in search for some ink, look no further as Allen Avenue has got you covered. There are at least two tattoo shops on the street. Some of Nigeria’s biggest stars have gotten their tats done on Allen Avenue.


For the ladies, you can get your hair done on Allen Avenue. There are many aggressive hair mistresses who are willing to pull you from the road just so that you can be their customer.

If you are into fancy shopping, Allen Avenue is thick with boutiques. Many of the boutiques have been around since the 90s and their longevity shows that they are running a profitable brand.

So there you have it, other things you can do during the day at Allen Avenue.

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