Blimey! Drug traffickers are getting more creative in their craft

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A tuber of yam?

A man posted a video online, giving an account of how he was tricked into transporting drugs for an unknown person.

A tough stance on drug trafficking has encouraged those in the business to get more creative in the way they transport the material.

It was a classic Pablo Escobar kind of event as a man narrated in a video posted online how he found an amount of the hard substance stuffed up in what was expected to be tubers of yam. He was to expected to deliver the items on his next visit abroad.


The excessive collection of sand on the 'edible' required the narrator to wash the sand off. In the process of executing that task, he found the white substance smartly hidden in what he initially believed to be food.

“When I saw sand on the yam, I decided to wash the sand off as I cannot carry sand abroad

”Fortunately, as I was washing the sand, I saw water coming out from the top, meaning there’s hole inside, as I continue washing I saw some needles.

”I then pulled everything and there was drug inside,” he said.


This could have resulted in a long jail term for him if he was caught travelling with the material. He would have had a hard time convincing the airport authorities and anti-narcotics agencies about how oblivious he was regarding the content of the item.

'Fake food producers have acquired a unique type of skill'

Recently, an unidentified man in the United Kingdom shared a video of himself as he dissected fish made of foam. He had purchased the item obviously for cooking but was shocked when he found the 'reptile' to be of a unique making.

He was more concerned about the health hazard a consumption of the material could have caused his family. A factor that encouraged him to direct a train of curses at the culprits.

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More avenues are being explored by those seeking quick wealth and who show an excessive desire to get it through any means. There was no mention about where the fake product emerged from but the incident will cast a sense of fear in the minds of consumers who might have began to wonder if safety in such dubious scenario is available at anywhere at all.

Europe, with its well organized structure failed to spot the circulation of such a harmful substance, how much more Nigeria whose structure lies in a reactive manner of response to issues as opposed to being proactive.

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