Breast Feeding: Is it cool to post this on social media?

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A nursing mother - photo for illustrative purpose.

In an age of liberty, you can post anything on social media but what about breast feeding?

Is there anything as posting too much on social media?

It seems these days people are blurring the line on what should be posted on Twitter and Instagram and what should be in the personal archive and stored as private moments. People give up their privacy for likes comments and retweets.

While most of us strip ourselves and serve to the new age god of social media, is there anything as posting too much sensitive material out there?

Legendary Nigerian rapper Rugged Man shared a photo of a sleeping mum who was breastfeeding her child. He wasn't down with that particular move and questioned why her husband would post such a picture of his wife. In general, he wondered when it became cool to do so.

Some are opposed to his point of view. As you can read in the post above; others are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with a picture of a woman breastfeeding her child.

Further on, the content of Rugged Man's lyrics was called into question. As expected the words misogyny, chauvinist and sexist were thrown around.

This argument falls squarely into the #FreeTheNipple movement. Free The Nipple is a gender equality campaign which started in 2012 which fights for the right of women to show their nipple in public.


The movement has gained steam with several women celebrities taking a stand. Instagram, which takes down photos of women bearing nipples, has been attacked for its policy.

Should a woman have the right to show her nipple in public especially if she is breast feeding? Hey, even in conservative Nigeria we have seen women breastfeed their babes in buses, churches and public places.

Breastfeeding itself is not a sexual act but we cannot deny that the nipple has been sexualized for centuries. Some people are not comfortable with women breastfeeding in public.


But what about social media? Is it cool to share a picture of yourself breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a normal act. Sharing a picture of a woman breastfeeding can come off as too much information though. Yes, this is the social media era and people feel they should share the most intimate parts of their lives. I think breastfeeding might be too much. There are some things that should be sacred to you.


That's just a personal opinion. If you feel that the best way to highlight your wife's best virtues as a mum is by sharing a photo of her breastfeeding, then do it.

This is the generation of 'do what thou wilt'. You can post whatever you want on your social media accounts but some things are just not cool to share, no matter how woke we want to be.

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