Codeine: New documentary highlights drug culture among youths

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Cough syrup, Codeine

A new documentary highlights the drug use among Nigerian youths.

People are now talking about the strong drug culture in Nigeria.

A new feature video has come out which highlights the abuse of codeine and other opioid drugs by Nigerian youths.

Produced by BattaBox, the video features interviews with young Nigerian men who take codeine and other drugs such as Refnol and Tramadol.


This video shows us how easy it is for young Nigerian men to get these drugs from the counter and abuse them.

"I started taking drugs in Nigeria when something went down between me and my old man," says a young man in the video. "A friend of mine was taking codeine and I asked to have a taste" he further said. 


The abuse of codeine has made the Nigerian senate speak on the issue.

On  Tuesday, October 10, 2017. Specifically, the spoke on the use of codeine syrup by Nigerian youths.

"I am particularly worried about the drug menace in the Northern part of the country. It is the time that we recognize this problem and address it in a sensible manner.

"I will be pushing for the National Assembly to review all relevant laws on drug abuse. This will help to curb the widespread misuse of illegal and unsanitary substances. The Senate will engage with all relevant stakeholders as we initiate this process" tweeted the Nigerian Senate President, Bukola Saraki.


Senator Remi Tinubu, the wife of APC leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu chipped in on the situation. "I have always advocated and I believe across Nigeria we should have drug rehabilitation centres so that children can quickly check themselves in," she said.


Now that we are talking about drug use in the country, it is important to come up with steps that can control this menace.

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