Daddy Freeze: This OAP is really savage with his reply to Bobrisky

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Daddy Freeze and Bobrisky are at war at the moment

There is currently a very interesting war of words going on between this male-barbie and the controversial OAP and it is looking very interesting.

When popular Nigerian cross-dresser and bleaching expert, Idris Olarenwaju Okuneye, alias Bobrisky decided to throw a shade at controversial Cool FM On-Air Personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, aka Daddy Freeze, he did not know he was going to get a savage respond.

Now the war of words has become intensified as Daddy Freeze gave it back to Bobrisky in a way he will never forget in a hurry and probably, pick his fights with lesser figures.

The male barbie was not happy following a conversation with between Daddy Freeze and his two-year-old son and fired shots at the OAP but what he got in response is probably what he did not expect.


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The bane of contention came when Daddy Freeze posted the conversation which emanated after his son told him to stop wearing his mother's high heeled shoe and Freeze replied:

“No, I won’t, I’m not Bobrisky."

That got Bobrisky so mad and he fired back at Daddy Freeze via his Snap Chat thus:

''Daddy, wat do people cal u fat nose? Dis is ur third time u are always trying hard to get my attention. But thank ur God u finally got it today.

If u are not the most stupid he goat in Nigeria, den u should be among d top 20. I don’t know u and I don’t think I wanna know u.

Pls let my name rest in dis ur small mouth that look like pussy going through monthly period. At least, people know me as a bleaching experts.

Oga wat are u? Blogger or wat? Pls stay away from Bobrisky. I don’t give a damn f**k about all dis people that call themselves a celebrity. That is y I stay on my lane without doing any eye services to anyone. Pls becareful sir. Thanks."


After going through the post, Daddy Freeze in his usual way, clapped back at Bobrisky, taking particular note of the bad English in the post:

Read what Daddy Freeze wrote on his Instagram account:

"Look at this recycled tampon! Sponge Bob 'bleached brain' too is talking... Which one be Eye 'services' again o? Only Bob.

It's dingbat bae, who is probably a village school English teacher, or some other unhinged dingleberry could have composed that gangrenous pile.

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I usually do not respond to inanimate objects, especially when they look like the contents of a sewage plant! However, just this once, I'll make an exception! - FRZ






This is really set out to be a long-winded war as both Bobrisky and Daddy Fresh are known for their controversial attitudes and the clap backs will not end soon. We are waiting!

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