Dating: Women shoot their shots and get surprising answers

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Ladies it is time to shoot your shot

Women try their hands at asking men out on Twitter.

If the tables were reversed, how would women shoot their shot at their crushes?

This social experiment was carried on Thursday, October 26, 2017. Initiated by relationship blogger Oloni, hundreds of women took the bold step by asking men to go out on a date with them.

"Ladies ask that guy you fancy out on a date and tweet me a screenshot of his response" she tweeted from her account which for some reason no longer exists on Twitter.


Anyway, ladies started posting screenshots in no time and they were hilarious. A lot of women got positive responses from their crushes. In no time, they have had dates planned or scheduled.

Others were not that lucky. Some got rejected while others found out that their crush was in a relationship. You see the screenshots below;


The chance of you shooting your shot and getting your crush is quite high. According to popular online dating service OK Cupid, women who start conversations with the opposite sex are  2 ½ times more likely to get a quick response.

While the stats are positive, it is still uncommon for Nigerian women to make the first move. Many women in Nigeria prefer for men to take charge and let men be men. They also believe that making the first move would make them look desperate.


Another reason for women not leading the way is that they are scared of rejection. Most men have gotten used to rejection from the opposite sex but for women, it is still a new ball game.

Not everyone can take 'no' for an answer. To save themselves the embarrassment, they prefer to allow the man to take the lead by asking them out.

Yes, roles are changing but it would be a while before we see women shooting their shots at the men they fancy. Many still prefer to be seduced by men rather than the other way round.

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