Exporting Violence: Nigerian allegedly kills friend's wife over debt in Brazil [Video]

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This man was very lucky to escape death in Brazil

A Nigerian man would have been lynched in a clear case of mistaken identity in Brazil following allegations of killing his compatriot's wife.

A Nigerian man based in barely managed to escape mob action for allegedly being behind the murder of the wife of another Nigerian friend over a debt the man owed him.

According to a Facebook user, Eze King Fortune who posted the video of the man being beaten by a crowd made up of Brazilians and Nigerians living there, the suspect, a Yoruba man, had a business deal with an Igbo man.

The Igbo man, according to Fortune, had owed the suspect about R$ 3000, the equivalent of $1000 [about N360,000], and when he could not pay up, the Yoruba man reportedly sent assassins to go after the man.

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But when the assassins could not locate their intended target at home who had gone to pick his kids from school, they shot the wife in his place.


This is what Fortune posted:

"Because of one thousand dollars, Yoruba man killed Igbo man's wife in Brazil because he did not see the man, he killed the wife. What a crazy world.

Rather than wait for him, the man allegedly shot his debtor’s wife three times – killing her instantly."

In the video which he also posted, the man is seen being beaten by the mob with many saying he should be killed but he was saved by the arrival of the police who rescued him and took him into their custody.

However, another Facebook user, Simon Gloria, has debunked the allegations that it was the Yoruba man who sent the assassins to kill his debtor's wife.


Gloria who is also living in Brazil narrated that it was a clear case of mistaken identity as the killers were sent by another person whom the Igbo guy also owed some money.

This is what Gloria posted in defense of the Yoruba man he identified as Alhaji.

"This is wrong information. I know the Yoruba man; he is well known in Brazil as Alhaji. I am an Igbo man from Ebonyi State. The Igbo guy was indebted to the Yoruba man the sum of 3,000 Reais which is the equivalent of 1,000 Dollars.

It happened that the two of them had an exchange of words via Whatsapp video messenger.

The Igbo guy provoked the Yoruba man and that made him tell the Igbo man that he would show him without knowing that the Igbo guy was also owing another man who had concluded plans to assassinate him using some Brazilian bad boys.

So the other guy whom the Igbo guy owed money as well sent the bad guys to his house this morning to assassinate him but unfortunately, he was not around as he had taken his child to school.

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When they got to his house, they met the wife and shot her in the leg before leaving. She was rushed to hospital but could not make it.

That was made the Igbo guy think it was Yoruba man that killed his wife. So by the end of everything, they got to know that it was not Alhaji that was behind the assassination."


So that was how Alhaji would have lost his life over something he knew nothing about. The moral of this is that one should be mindful of what he says in the heat of anger.

Watch the video where the Yoruba man is being molested.

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