Fake News: Russians allegedly paid 2 Nigerians to bash Hillary Clinton

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Russian backed propaganda painted Hillary Clinton as the devil

In a The Daily Beast article, two Nigerians have been identified for spreading fake news about Hillary Clinton.

Just when you thought Nigeria couldn't get a bad rep overseas anymore, this piece of news comes up.

We all know the ongoing saga of Russia in the role it played during the last US elections. American media has claimed that Russians planted fake stories and articles during this period which helped spread rumours and lies about Hillary Clinton.


Now, in an exclusive article by The Daily Beast, it has been revealed that Russia allegedly paid two YouTubers to bash Hilary Clinton. These guys go by the name of 'William & Kalvin Johnson'. They are black men who live in the city of Atlanta.


The problem about this description is that these guys don't sound like they are from Atlanta. Any Nigerian who listens to the videos where William and Kalvin are slamming Clinton would definitely raise an eyebrow. They sound very Nigerian. To be more accurate, they have a thick Igbo accent. It is undeniable.

In The Daily Beast article is revealed that the two men hail from Owerri in Imo state. "On Facebook, both Williams and Kalvin claim their hometown is Owerri in Nigeria" states the article.

In one of their YouTube videos, this was said about Hilary Clinton "the Clintons are “serial killers who are going to rape the whole nation.” Donald Trump can’t be racist because he’s a “businessman."


Apart from a Facebook account, the two men also have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended in August after it was discovered that they were both Russian propaganda accounts. Their YouTube account is still live till date.


Their videos essentially hyped up the candidacy of Donald Trump while spreading conspiracy theories about Hilary Clinton.

"This is time for change. This is why I say that let our vote go for Trump. Because this man is a businessman. He’s not a politician. We can have deal with him" Williams said in a video published in August 2016 on YouTube.

Other lies they pushed out on the social media channels including Bill Clinton having an illegitimate black son, Hilary Clinton as a racist and the former US Secretary of State was funded by Muslims.


The two black men couldn't be contacted for the story. Their Facebook page had 48,000 fans and it is on this platform they did their most damage. Their YouTube videos managed to rack up modest views but their Facebook videos were viewed a whole lot more.

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