Fake News: YouTube takes down Nigerians who bashed Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

YouTube shuts down the Nigerians allegedly involved in the Russian election scandal.

There are no more digital footprints of the Nigerians allegedly hired by Russians to bash Hillary Clinton during the US presidential elections.

The YouTube channel of the two Nigerian men Williams and Kalvin Johnson has been pulled down by Google. The YouTube account no longer exists.

The account was taken down after the article by The Daily Beast which exposed Williams and Kalvin Johnson as people allegedly hired by Russians to push out fake news about Hillary Clinton.


With the role of Russia during the elections in focus, Google who owns YouTube had earlier said it was "taking a deeper look to investigate attempts to abuse our systems."

Before The Daily Beast article was published, Facebook had shut down Williams and Kalvin Johnson's page. In The Daily Beast article,  it was revealed that the two men hail from Owerri in Imo state. "On Facebook, both Williams and Kalvin claim their hometown is Owerri in Nigeria" states the article.


In one of their YouTube videos, this was said about Hilary Clinton "the Clintons are “serial killers who are going to rape the whole nation.” Donald Trump can’t be racist because he’s a “businessman."

Their Facebook and Instagram accounts were suspended in August after it was discovered that they were both Russian propaganda accounts.


Their videos essentially hyped up the candidacy of Donald Trump while spreading conspiracy theories about Hilary Clinton.


"This is time for change. This is why I say that let our vote go for Trump. Because this man is a businessman. He’s not a politician. We can have a deal with him" Williams said in a video published in August 2016 on YouTube.

Other lies they pushed out on the social media channels including Bill Clinton having an illegitimate black son, Hilary Clinton as a racist and the former US Secretary of State was funded by Muslims.

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