Flop Of The Week: Davido gets into trouble yet again

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Davido in New York

Davido makes a mess of things once again thanks to his care free attitude.

If you place a bet that Davido won't get into trouble for 365 days, chances are that you are going to lose the bet early on.

Davido has had a good year in music so far. His hit single 'If' brought him back into the thick of things. He became a father for the second time and his world tour was successful.

When things were looking good for the pop star he had to mess it up again with a night of reckless abandon. Hanging out and celebrating life is not a bad thing but you have to be responsible.


There has to be someone in your entourage that is clear headed and makes sure things don't go out of control. The people in Davido's entourage really have no influence on him and just want to party hard with him.

If they were really looking out for him they would have alerted him about the Tagbo issue and given him the right advice. Instead, they did the wrong thing and Davido was entangled in another mess.


Davido takes the L on this one. You are the star of the party and you are responsible for whoever hangs with you. Your job is to look out for everyone.

When something bad happens at a party organized by a celeb, the celeb is usually at fault in the eyes of the law. Davido should do his very best that the madness around him is reduced. The reckless lifestyle isn't really cool for a father of two who has the world in front of him.

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