Grey Room NG: 'Do you think it is fair on men to pay most of the bills?'

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Grey Room NG has meme worthy moments too

A new show Grey Room NG allows young Nigerians to speak on personal topics.

The (true) BK Chat Naija is here and it is not called that, thank God.

Grey Room NG is a show that features young Nigerians who speak on love, sex and relationships. It is the same format as BK Chat LDN. The only difference is that it is not men versus women- both sexes on opposing sides of the room.

The first episode of Grey Room NG was published on Monday, October 2, 2017. The topic was “Do you think society is fair on men by making them pay most of the bills?


Bruh...this episode has raised a fuss on Twitter NG. The hyper, dreadlocks rocking Chioma came to snatch wigs and beard. "A man has the luxury to be useless," she said. This statement which feels like a tweet from men are scum Twitter was one of the top moments of the show.


The obligatory "most Nigerian men are irresponsible" statement also popped up along with the beaten to death p-word 'patriarchy'. As with most discussions on gender roles in Nigeria, this quickly became a shouting match dominated by most of the chicks.


Surprisingly, the guys got subdued by the ladies in this episode. Even Teni was gobbled up between the back and forth. Later on, she was allowed to drop her points on role reversal.

Is it fair for a man to bear the financial burden most of the time? No. But do not forget life is not fair. Men are accustomed to paying most of the time in relationships and marriages.

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In a country that leans heavily on transactional relationships, men taking responsibility for the financial side of things is even bigger.


However, we cannot discard that in this day and age, more Nigerian women are dropping a lot of 'bread' in relationships and for the upkeep of their families. It's 2017 and things are changing fast.

If a man isn't making as much as his wife or is jobless is he still the man of the family? If you say no, then you are a victim of the transactional way of thinking that has been dominant in Nigeria for years.

Money and leadership are two different things but if you feel that your man is no longer the head of the home because he can't pay his bill, good for you. To each his own.

And for the statement "men have the luxury to be useless", this is so wrong. The pressure for the average Nigerian man to succeed is immense, especially in a society like ours that is money crazy.


The funny thing is that feminists have rightfully said that men shouldn't have opinions about women because they are not women. I think this should also apply to women too. A woman doesn't know what it is to be a man.

A conversation about gender roles should be open and honest and not be a gender war.

Grey Room NG has opened up an avenue for us to talk about love, relationships and sex. Now we have to listen to understand each other's perspectives and not shout.

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