Happy Independence Day Nigeria: O boy! Aren't we independent?

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There has been an appreciable development in national development.

Nigerians are a bunch of resilient individuals who have created an environment for success.

I certainly don't think so and I know a few Azeez and James who think things could been a whole lot better.

Whatever the difference in views are, there can only be one outcome. Nigerians are a bunch of resilient individuals who have created an environment for success.


Though we still have a little bad eggs, Nigerians have in recent times been the sort of people introducing initiatives. A lot of youths between the ages of 25 to 35 are competing with others in the rest of the world in the aspect of innovation in communication, business, finance and in the media.

The past two decades have induced an appreciation for craft and the realness in art. The latter is an element driving a large section of the economy. Nollywood has put on a new brand. It now has an exquisite appeal based on its exotic releases that have even made it to the cinema where owners of recreational centers make huge income.

If you are a movie maker who has managed to overcome the crooky pirates hurdle like Pacman, you will smiling to the bank by the time you have premiered your movie at the theatre. Who knows? You can even get the opportunity to tour some festivals before that.


That is a paradigm shift compared to about a decade ago when films were produced directly to CD, depriving film makers of huge profits though they weren't necessarily making any top notch movie at the time - a weed planted by limited access to money they say and the Hyena nature of the pirates who by unlawful means reproduce their works. This ushers in a lot of returns because of the cheap price at wish they are sold, which makes it a choice for Chioma the hair stylist and even the banker Bernard who gets harassed by CD hawkers in traffic. Why not pick one or two he would have said to himself.

Piracy was so far reaching, a reason why it has been very difficult to uproot from the system.

I have never patronized movie pirates. The quality of films they were making was below what works my taste bud which was made for the love of wine by the way. Until recently, the sight of a Pierce Brosnan throwing jaw breaking punches at Liam Neeson in "Seraphim Falls" created the perfect popcorn moments for me.


But now we have an "Isoken", a movie featuring the likes of Dakore Akande, Funke Akindele and Joseph Benjamin, which focused on the societal pressures encountered by a beautiful and successful female character approaching her mid-thirties and was yet to tie the knot.

"October 1" by Kunle Afolayan which goes fine with the mood of Nigeria's Independence Day celebration was one of the films that raised the bar that introduced an awareness to consciously seek a high standard.

The zeal for perfection was also felt in the media - the heart of conversation in the whole corners of Nigeria. The emergence of the new media groomed a unique type of audience who have made online platforms their one-stop shop to information and entertainment. A growing amount of Nigerians, especially the intellectually driven ones, don't watch the television anymore while the radio is only still relevant because it is available on the go.

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There is a great optimism for the future as the potential to grow is still surplus and not fully tapped. We only need the leaders in government to come to party because as far as creativity and desire to blossom are concerned, Nigerians are the patron saints of awesome.

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