Heartbreaking: Kogi worker weeps over death of child due to unpaid salaries [Video]

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This man is really heartbroken over the death of his child

Another tragedy has struck in Kogi State after a civil servant lost his young daughter as he could not afford to pay her hospital bills.

Despite several claims by the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, that he is not owing civil servants in the state, the reality on the grounds show that things are far from what he paints.

This reality, according to the residents in the state, has been so bad that parents can no longer afford to take care of their family's needs like school fees, medical bills, and feeding.

According to a Facebook user, Ogirima Nana Sule who posted this pathetic video on the social media, this man, a civil servant in the state was not able to pay the medical bills of his young daughter leading to the death of the child which moved him into weeping uncontrollably.

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In the video, the man who lamented his inability to pay his daughter's hospital bills due to the fact that he is being owed a backlog of salaries for the past 10 months, is seen crying profusely following the death of his child.

It was gathered that the young girl passed away because her parents could not afford to pay her hospital bills and as such, could not be treated.

The father of the deceased was captured on camera weeping like a baby, calling his daughter’s name and lamenting the fact that his owed salaries led to her death. He also begged her to forgive him, narrating that he could not save her life when she needed him.

He went on to explain that the Kogi State government owes him a ten-month salary and that was the reason he could not afford the money to save his beloved daughter from her sickness.

Recall that on Saturday, October 21, 2017, a Director in the Kogi State civil service, Mr. Edward Soje, had committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Lokoja, the state capital.


In a suicide note he left behind, the 54-year-old Grade Level 16 officer said he decided to kill himself as he could not take care of his family due to the fact that he was being owed 11 months’ salary arrears.

His suicide also came 10 days after his wife gave birth to a set of male triplets in a private hospital in Abuja, after being childless for many years.

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However, the state government through the Head of Service, Deborah Ogunmola, had debunked the allegations that Soje took his life because he was owed salaries.

In her explanation, Ogunmola said there was no evidence that he committed suicide due to owed salaries as he had been paid as recently as December 2016, while he was in line to be paid again this month.


Watch the pathetic video here:

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